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Welcome to Manatee Art!


We are excited to start this year off with tons of creative energy!


Check out our site frequently as it grows with more artwork and updates




Bring an old shirt to school so your child can create freely without worrying about their clothes.  Of course, all products are washable, but just incase!


We are in need of the following items:

-Paper plates for single use pallets.

- Water color palette (for only your students use)

- Brushes (so each student doesn't need to share)

What we are learning

Grades K-3 | Winter/ Sprig


- Radial symmetry with water color

- Landscapes

- Kandinsky inspired Abstract Expressionism

- First Nations inpired animals

Child Artist

Grades 4-6 Winter/Spring


- Native American symbols and embossing

- Kandinsky inspired Abstract Expressionism

- Perspective

- Landscapes

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